OTHER WORLDS: Links to other websites

Mr. Invader recommends these links but does not really agree with the opinions expressed at all sites. They're either resourceful, or he just plain likes 'em.

Kansas State Collegian - The first 150 Mr. Invader strips ran in this publication in 1996.

50th Anniversary: The Roswell Incident - Designed in Mr. Invader style for the San Antonio Express-News

Parallel Universe - Based near Area 51 - The greatest selection of UFO apparel.

Whitley Strieber's Communion - Listed in the back of his newest alien book, The Secret School

Contact - Official home page.

Area 51 Research Center - Very organized UFO resources

UFOINFO - Info on books, URL's, etc.

National UFO Reporting Center - Report sightings. Monthly updates.

Skywatch International - Resourceful.

Servotron - Attention human: You will be annihilated at the earliest convenience. Also Servotron

Justin Stahlman - About the artist

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